Being as Healthy as Possible Every Day in Every Way

A Guide For Spiritual Living

A Guide for Spiritual Living is my text for classes, seminars, workshops & retreats. It is the foundational material I use in classes at and is now available on and dozens of other places online.

Foundations of this Guide

This Guide is not about religion. It’s about Spiritual Living which is being as healthy as possible every day in every way; i.e., in body, mind and spirit. Even if you are an agnostic, atheist, skeptic or unbeliever, you will find things to do embedded in these suggestions to improve your life and become healthier than you are today or, in some cases, healthier than you have ever been. Every person on earth is equally important.  This is the highest principle directing all human relations. Every person on earth is on a spiritual journey.

7 Billion

Welcome, seven billionth person, whoever you are

Every one of us is on a spiritual journey

Even those who don’t know it

Admit it or even deny it

Those who choose the life

Of kidnapper, rapist, or torturer

Seem to not be on any spiritual path

But the psychopath is simply on a dark and dreary one

Gaining lessons through giving and receiving pain

There are other waysThe ways of light, lightness, laughter and service to others

Choose your path carefully

If this Guide were a course at a university,  it would be a first-year class with a 101 designation. My purpose here is to point you in the direction you wish to go today. Each suggestion provides just enough information to get you started and will point in the direction where you can do more research, discovery and participation on your own.

While using this Guide, you have 100 percent editorial control  over every aspect of the spiritual path you are about to create. And it remains flexible with exchangeable parts for your entire lifetime. The spiritual path you create today will simply be the foundation for the one—or ones—you create later.

Throughout this Guide,  there are numerous opportunities to answer questions or make personal notes. Take advantage of every opportunity. The more you do so, the more valuable this Guide will become to you.

If you are involved in a faith-based community,  as I have been all of my life, you will find this Guide helpful as you fine-tune, tweak, revise and update your spiritual path.

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